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It's Marketing-as-a-Service
for tech scale-ups.

Welcome to Word & Smyth,
a premier content agency
singularly dedicated to the
art of brand positioning
through expertly crafted
thought leadership content.

From software to printer cartridges, from light bulbs to cars, the 'as a service' model is giving consumers and businesses on-demand access to best of breed solutions, minus the hassle of ownership.

At Word&Smyth, our innovative Marketing-as-a-Service model is helping tech businesses to grow their customer base by providing access to a marketing team tailored to their needs. A team that is as 'all in' as in-house gets, available for as many days as required, and on a flexible subscription basis.

It's the smart way to get Marketing sorted for your business.


Here's how our MaaS model will enhance your go to market...


The question at 2am in the morning

Most up and coming tech businesses are solving significant problems with their software, either creating or redefining the category they operate in. Often all that’s left to do is getting (a lot) more prospects to get the value of the product. And therein lies the challenge.


Because the often-unseen obstacle to growth is seldom a lack of features and innovation, but rather a lack of awareness and adoption by prospective customers.


Prospects tell us it's an excellent product. So why aren’t they buying?


If this is the question that keeps you awake at night, the answer is probably marketing related.


It's complicated...

Creating a category. Expanding a category. Taking a new product to market. All of which require changing how your audience thinks about and solves a problem.


Unsurprisingly, this is typically the domain of Marketing A Teams: the seasoned marketing leaders and their multi-discipline marketing teams. 


And isn't it an annoying catch 22 that this level of marketing expertise are typically out of reach for scale-ups at a time when they need it most.


Does that mean only large tech businesses with deep pockets and significant marketing resource can play the 'go to market' game?

Not on our watch.


Punch above your marketing weight with our MaaS proposition

At Word&Smyth we’re levelling the playing field by giving smaller tech companies access to a marketing team typically only found in large, established tech companies.


Access a range of marketing disciplines, from marketing strategy to brand, from digital marketing to thought leadership. It’s all available in your Word & Smyth team that is fully immersed and in-tune with your business. You may even forget that we’re not permanent.

Best of all, it’s fractional access. So not only will you have access to all the marketing disciplines that your company requires at that point in time, but you can decide how many days a month you need it.


The service team solution

In an ideal world, your company would have an exceptionally skilled and talented marketing team. And it would….

  • be run by a seasoned tech CMO according to a well-defined marketing strategy with clear, measurable outcomes.

  • have the capacity to deliver all the marketing skills required to build your pipeline, from digital marketing to thought leadership to ad campaigns.

  • but also have the flexibility to only deploy the skills you need at any given time.

  • be made up of senior marketers, because this part of your journey is too important for marketers to ‘learn on the job’.

  • Be as responsive, as immersed in your industry and as efficient as an inhouse marketing team.

  • Be entirely affordable for where your business is at.


With our Marketing-as-a-Service solution, it all becomes possible.

Marketing disciplines in our mix


Marketing Strategy and GTM Planning


Brand Positioning & Awareness


Thought Leadership

and PR


Digital Marketing, incl. SEO & Social


Advertising & Creative


Snapshot of Brands Served

COHO logo.png

Gary Barker | CEO Reapit

"Sandra's understanding of customer psychology, awareness and quality of messaging has been a huge part of the success of Reapit. I would have no hesitation in recommending Sandra and it would be a privilege, if I was ever lucky enough to work with her again."

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